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  • to prevent you from wrong choice
  • to provide you drug alternatives

Our service is backed up with a team of medical experts with a great practical experience in pharmaceutics and medicine.

What you will find on our website?

Our website does not sell drugs, does not put diagnosis, does not provide individual recommendations on diseases and best options for treatment. We just collect the most trustworthy online pharmacy reviews and to provide comprehensive essential information on the drugs and their alternatives.

We do not promote any brand or any canada pharmacy online, but we suggest the pharmacies we have reviewed and which have passed the checks by our experts. Our team thoroughly chooses online pharmacy reviews and online drug stores to recommend to you. We list only those online pharmacies which drugs and supplements undergo strict quality, safety and efficacy tests by independent laboratories and clinics.

We provide essential information on top classes of the drugs as antibiotics, cardiovascular medicines, sex drugs and medications for women’s health. Our aim is to provide you with a complete description of a searched drug. You will find the information provided by the manufacturer of the medicine, which is completed with user reviews of the efficacy of the medicine, experienced side effects and results. Such an approach to choice of drugs provides you all necessary information to make a well thought pick.

We do not promote any brand drug, instead we inform on the possible alternatives providing simple explanations on what is a generic drug, what is the difference of a generic drug and a brand one.

We ensure the best prices for the drug

Another aim of our website is to help you find drugs at the lowest prices with no compromise for quality and efficacy of a chosen medicine. We suggest you brand and generic drugs and it is your choice which one to pick. While some patients can afford brand drugs, still for others any disease can turn to a financial shock. Our experts carefully check the pricing, the availability of the drugs and the safety of each medicine on the canada online pharmacy websites we suggest.

Checking the drugs at our website you can be sure you will find current prices and current offers.

Most of online pharmacy reviews are checked by our experts, some of the reviews are backed up with the experience of our customers which is the best proof or reliability and trustworthiness of a pharmacy.

Our website does not suggest you self treatment, our key priority is to inform you on the drugs to let you make a proper choice. In most cases we provide valid valuable information, indications and recommendations, which will be approved by your doctor. However we are unable to describe each case, that is why we recommend visiting your doctor just before you buy medicines online from one of the canada pharmacy online websites we suggest.

The scheme of any treatment must go as follows:

  • see a doctor as soon as you feel bothersome symptoms
  • get tested and examined
  • get individual recommendations and prescriptions
  • visit online pharmacy reviews website to find the best drug supplier and to find the best prices for the drugs

The matter is that health care providers commonly prescribe only brand drugs. Our website becomes a reputable guide through possible generic alternatives explaining to patients what are the differences and benefits of purchasing generic medicines.

How to choose a proper medicine

Following your doctor’s recommendations you can find brand and generic drugs described on our website. We do not conceal any important information on our website. We provide exceptional complete descriptions of the drugs including risks, side effects and possible lethal risks for your health and life. Our aim is not to sell you a drug but to warn you and to help you choose the best option.

Each description of the drug indicates whether this is a brand drug or a generic one. All the information we provide on the pages of the drugs is taken from official websites of drugs manufacturers as well as with data from recent researches and statistics.

We recommend to read the description, to learn possible side effects and contraindications and then check the list of alternatives.

You can also use our website as drug guide to check your doctor’s prescription. Sometimes your health care provider can miss important conditions which can contraindicate a certain drug in your case. If you discover a mismatch in indications and contraindications, then you can contact your doctor to ask for replacement of the drug. Our website will recommend you possible alternatives and will explain the difference to better inform you. Thus you will ask your doctor direct questions on certain medicines.

We are a reputable online pharmacy reviews website!

We value our reputation, that is why our expert team double checks each Canada pharmacy online we recommend on the pages of our website. We do not link you to the dubious, new or risky websites from which you will not want to order. We check every online Canada pharmacy on our own and provide you the best options available in Canada.

Our goal is to secure and inform your choice making your online purchase fast and simple. We have made the choice for you suggesting you only the best online pharmacy reviews which are trusted by medical experts and millions of customers.

We also want to warn you not to order form unknown websites even if they are suggested by Google’s first page. Search engines are unable to check the reputability and trustworthiness of any Canada pharmacy online as well as will not guarantee you the safety of your choice.

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