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Our website provides up to date, effective and relevant information on diseases, medicines, ways of treatment and provides recommendations on how to treat different conditions. All the information provided on this website is only of recommendation character. We strongly recommend consulting your health care provider on any drug you are going to take against certain disease or any condition.

We also provide all information on any drug described on our website. We list side effects and warn about risks, side effects, contraindications and possible dangers for your health. We do not conceal any facts about the medicine with the aim to promote you to drug stores to make a purchase.

All the information on any drug described on the website is current and relevant. We update the descriptions of the drugs regularly as soon as new data appear. We do not take the drug information from official websites only. Each drug description is a thorough research of relevant statistics and independent data sources proving the efficacy or risks of the drugs.

Each description of the drug warns you about the risks of self treatment and we always insist on seeing a doctor.

Today it is quite safe to buy drugs online from reputable and trusted online pharmacies. It is your choice where to purchase drugs over the counter. Online sale allows you to save costs and to get a necessary pill asap. We recommend certain online drug stores to ensure the most affordable prices for brand and generic medications you may need in your home medicine box.

Our website does not carry any responsibility for the efficacy of the drug you buy on your own from online medicine suppliers. Our aim is only to inform you on possible options and solutions for certain conditions. However it is completely your choice which drug to buy.

The scheme we recommend is as follows:

  • visiting a doctor and getting tested to get a diagnosis
  • getting recommendations and individual instructions on treatment and schemes of drug intakes. Your doctor will recommend you dosages, pills and duration of treatment as well as will warn you about possible side effects and conditions when you must stop pill intake and must see a doctor
  • visiting our website for the comprehensive drug description and recommendations of the reputable online drug stores for the lowest price possible

Our website does not promote certain brands. We provide a good choice of brand and generic drugs, describe their advantages and risks for your health. The drug description contains information on formula, administration, form, manufacturer. We believe that this is important to know before you will buy a box of pills. Some patients can not afford to buy brand drugs, then generics are the best choice for them.

According to FDA generic drug is the same formula with the same active components and supplementary ingredients. The generic drug works in the same way as brand one, features the same precautions, side effects and contraindications. However generic drugs are marketed under no brand name. A producer of a generic drug does not invest in marketing as well as does not invest in research. It just uses the formula of the brand drug and markets the medicine under a name of a key active component.

Generics are safe and effective. Most health care providers prescribe only brand drugs, but our website is a perfect source of reliable data on generic drugs which are complete alternatives to brand pills but at an affordable prices. You will discover many generic alternatives to the most expensive brand medications on our website as well as links to authoritative and reputable online drug stores.

Our website offers honest and comprehensive information on most conditions. You will not only find effective medicines for treatment and prevention of certain conditions, but the true to life information whether the condition is curable and whether it is possible to completely recover. We also provide useful recommendations on how to boost the efficiency of every drug: changing diet, lifestyle, avoiding certain foods and physical activities. We also warn on possible risks and explain which reactions to the drug treatment are considered to be a norm and when you must terminate the treatment and report your case to the health care provider.

In terms of privacy our website does not collect and does not store your personal data as well as do not passes your personal information to a third party. As we do not sell the drugs we do not require any financial (credit card data) or personal (name, address, phone number) information.

Browsing our website is completely safe and secure for you and your devices.

We constantly update information on the medicines we describe and recommend on our website. All the data are collected from the reputable sources (as FDA official website). We carefully check all the information we provide our users. Thus the data are true to life and reliable.

Follow our website to track new drugs added and new information added to the description of the drugs.

We recommend only reputable online stores which carefully approach their users and drugs they sell. All the packages come on time and secure. We guarantee that you will get you drugs well packed and securely delivered in the shortest possible term.

Is it safe to buy drugs online?

Our online pharmacy reviews website provides you comprehensible information on websites where you can order drugs safely. We make a research on any supplier we recommend on our website. The websites we provide you links to are reputable and do not sell fake, forbidden, discontinued or dangerous drugs. All the drugs we describe and recommend on our website are approved for the conditions we recommend them for. Moreover, we always suggest you to consult your health care provider on the matter of choosing an optimum drug for your individual case. We consciously do not recommend dosages for treatment of certain diseases (while describing only recommended average dosages) as each case is individual. Each drug description contains warnings on possible risks for your health in case of self treatment.