Antibiotics are drugs killing bacteria by interfering into bacterial DNA structures and destroying the molecules. This slows down the process of growth, prevents bacteria from dividing and spreading and assists the immune system to fight the infection. Antibiotics are also used to prevent bacterial infections in case of a direct contact with the source of contamination.

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Mind that antibiotics are helpless in treatment of viral diseases as flu, colds, various types of coughs, sore throat. However these drugs can be administered as supplementary treatment in case the condition is complicated with bacterial infection.

Top facts about antibiotics

  • Penicillin is the first natural antibiotic discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928
  • Antibiotics are useless for treatment of viral and fungal infections
  • Today we witness ultimate resistance to the action of antibiotics
  • Taking wrong antibiotics helps bacteria to mutate and develop resistance to the action of the drugs
  • The most common side effect from antibiotic treatment is diarrhea as this type of drug affects not only bad bacteria in the body, but also kills useful bacteria producing favourable flora in intestines

What are antibiotics?

Antibiotics are powerful medications treating bacterial infections which are extremely dangerous and life threatening if treated improperly or not treated at all. These drugs either stop the bacterial colonies from growth, prevent them from spreading or just destroy their DNA structures. Antibiotics do not affect the DNA structures of a patient.

In most cases before bacteria start causing any symptoms in the body a healthy immune system suppresses the inflammation and kills the microorganisms. White blood cells attack bacteria and fight the colony. This process is commonly followed with inflammation symptoms which rapidly go off.

However there are cases when immune system is unable to cope with the infection. These cases are:

  • unknown types of bacteria and the immune system “does not know” how to cope with such bacteria
  • weakened immune system – when a patient suffers from other diseases

Antibiotics are only prescription drugs and such a condition of getting the drug is quite reasonable. The matter is that availability of antibiotics and uncontrolled treatment of various infections with wrong drugs lead to virus and bacteria mutation and spreading. This means that in the nearest future the antibiotics which traditionally help to fight malaria, chlamydia, syphilis will be ineffective and people will die from the simplest diseases.

A patient without medical knowledge base is unable to distinguish between yeast infection and chlamydia. Most of the antibiotics provide a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, thus masking the symptoms of the diseases and making a patient feel better. However at this time the disease spreads to other body parts and the overall condition gets worse. It is just a matter of time.

Antibiotics are available for sale online. You do not need a prescription to buy penicillin online or order amoxicillin. Most reputable drug stores go online and offer antibiotics for sale. To purchase antibiotics online is safe and secure. Moreover you can save costs.

But we still strongly recommend seeing a doctor to get necessary tests passed and your overall condition checked.

Why you must not take antibiotics uncontrollably?

First, antibiotics have contraindications which are some chronic diseases or specific conditions. The range of contraindications is very wide: from hypo- or hypertension, to liver and kidney dysfunction, vision and digestion problems.

Second, certain types of bacteria respond to certain antibiotics while keep resistance towards other antibiotics.

You need to know the scale of your infection to detect exact dosage which will be effective in your particular case. The matter is that overdosing is the same bad as underdosing. In case of overdosing you will experience bothersome side effects, while in case of taking an insufficient dosage of the drug the bacteria may develop resistance to the action of the drug.

Your doctor will instruct you on the proper intake of the drug. You will get recommendations on the duration of the treatment course. In most cases antibiotics are taken from 5 to 7 days.

Mind that with a proper antibiotic you may feel better in a few intakes. In a day of treatment you may feel complete recovery, however you must take the drug as long as it is indicated or prescribed.

How to take antibiotics without seeing a doctor?

If you do not want to see a doctor and you are sure in your diagnosis, then you can buy a necessary antibiotic online and follow the next instructions:

  • read the medicine guide provided with the box of pills carefully
  • find out your recommended dosage and start intake
  • read the section on side effects and contraindications
  • read about interactions and get sure that you do not take drugs which will interact with antibiotic
  • track your condition

When to see a doctor?

In case of next symptoms or changes, please, stop intake of the drug and call the emergency:

  • worsening of symptoms;
  • seizures, fainting, changes in hearing and vision;
  • abnormal nasal or vaginal bleeding;
  • vomiting and diarrhea that occur more than twice in an hour.


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