Generic Flagyl (Metronidazole)

buy Generic Flagyl (Metronidazole) onlineGeneric Flagyl has Metronidazole as its key component. This is a potent, safe and effective antiprotozoal and antibiotic drug which is commonly administered alone or in a combination with other medicines to cure such conditions as vaginosis, trichomoniasis, amebiasis. The most commonly prescribed form of the drug is pills, however the drug is available in cream and liquids for intravenous injections.

Metronidazole is on the list of essentials of WHO as one of the affordable, safe and effective drugs for health system. The brand drug is inexpensive, however to save even more you can buy generic Flagyl and get the same effective treatment at a lower price.

According to the FDA generic drug is a medicine featuring the same formula, the same grade of purity as a brand one. It is indicated in the same route, form, dosages and for the same conditions. Generic drug must perform the same effect as a brand one.

General information about generic Flagyl

The most common condition Metronidazole is used for is vaginal bacterial and protozoa infections. It is more effective than other antibiotics due to delayed effect. Metronidazole penetrates into bacteria and interferes into bacterial DNA structures preventing them from replications. Thus bacteria turn unable to grow and divide. In such a way the drug effectively stops spreading the infection and effectively clears the infection out from the body.

Though Metronidazole is a prescription drug you can safely buy generic Flagyl online and get the same effective and safe pills with overnight shipping with no need to visit your health care provider.

Mind that by taking any drug without prior seeing a doctor, you take all the responsibility for the risks and side effects the drug may perform in your case.

Generic Flagyl can be safely applied for treatment of the next conditions:

  • Crohn’s disease
  • colitis
  • ulcers and gastritis caused with susceptible types of bacteria

Generic Flagyl is only effective for the conditions caused with susceptible types of bacteria. Unfortunately, bacterial infections commonly perform a standard set of inflammatory symptoms. In case with vaginosis, a patient will feel irritation, itching, burning and vaginal discharge with or without unpleasant smell. These symptoms cover a wide range of vaginal diseases from allergic reaction to new care products or male semen ejaculated into vagina to trichomoniasis or yeast infection.

Why to visit a doctor before starting generic Flagyl

Generic Flagyl is a safe and an effective drug which is available and administered to patients with characteristic problems all over the world. You can purchase generic Flagyl online without prescription and start the treatment immediately. Being an antibiotic it is not recommended to take the drug with no medical supervision due to a range of reasons:

Uncontrollable use of antibiotics can lead to worsening of conditions and mutating of bacteria. Being treated with an improper drug, or with an insufficient dosage any bacteria will develop mechanisms of resistance and thus the treatment will turn ineffective.

Generic Flagyl interacts with other medicines. The outcome of such approach to treatment can be lethal as the interacting drug may cause anaphylaxis.

Some medicines are known to minimize the effect and performance of others. Thus you may receive less of the essential drug than you need.

There are contraindicating conditions about which you may not even know. For example, generic Flagyl as Metronidazole is not allowed for patients with the next conditions:

  • brain diseases
  • low count of white cells in the blood
  • eye conditions causing vision changes
  • candida infection in the mouth (as the drug may worsen the case)
  • yeast infection of vagina
  • kidney and liver diseases

Mind that your doctor may estimate the risks and prescribe you a combination of treatment to prevent worsening of contraindicating condition. There are few cases when generic Flagyl is impossible. In this case the drug will be replaced with another antibiotic. Such cases include severe allergic reactions as well as personal intolerability of the drug, severe presence of side effects.

In most cases you can order generic Flagyl online safely and get your conditions eased.

What is a proper dosage of generic Flagyl

If you buy generic Flagyl without prior seeing your doctor and getting individual recommendations, then please follow the instruction provided with the box of the pills.

For treatment of bacterial infections adults and teenagers must take from 500 to 750mg of the drug from 5 to 10 days. The dosage will depend on the severity of symptoms. In some cases it is recommended to start from the maximum dosage till the ease of symptoms and them to lower the dosage for an average for the disease treatment. Mind that generic Flagyl is a potent drug and you can feel the ease of the symptoms right from the first intake. But this does not mean that you can withdraw the treatment. Please, take the treatment for an entire recommended and indicated course. Premature withdrawal of the treatment may lead to a renewal of the infection.

For kids under 7 years old generic Flagyl is recommended in daily dosages which is calculated upon the next formula:

7,5mg of the drug per each 1kg of body mass

This daily dosage must be split into three or four intakes. It is recommended to give the drug to a kid each 6 hours.

When you must see a doctor with generic Flagyl treatment

There are cases when you must immediately stop taking the drug and see a doctor:

  • stop taking generic Flagyl if your conditions get worse
  • stop taking Metronidazole if you experience severe side effects (most patients report severe vomiting starting right after the intake of the drug in less than 15 minutes; the matter is that a pill is not digested in this interval of time and can be vomited out)
  • stop taking the drug and call your health care provider in case you do not track any improvements of the symptoms even without worsening

These precautions are equal for brand Metronidazole, generic Flagyl. It does not matter whether you buy the drug with or without prescription from your doctor.