Generic Zithromax (Azithromycin)

 buy Generic Zithromax (Azithromycin) onlineGeneric Zithromax is a brand antibiotic drug with Azithromycin as its key active component. It is a wide spectrum drug used for treatment and prevention of a wide range of bacterial infections. It is a key treatment and preventive means for traveller’s diarrhea. The drug has proved its efficacy for fast and effective treatment of a range of sexually passed diseases as chlamydia or gonorrhea. The drug is available in a form of pills which is convenient for home usage and solution for injections.

Generic Zithromax is on the list of essentials of WHO. It is a safe, effective and affordable medicine for fast recovery.

Azithromycin is a safe drug if administered in a correct way. You can buy the drug online without prescription and thus you do not need to visit your doctor. However, generic Zithromax can mask the symptoms of serious infections which may cause death if untreated (for example, syphilis). That is why it is strongly recommended to see your health care provider before you order and start taking the medicine.

General information on Zithromax

Generic Zithromax is a safe but very powerful antibiotic with a high risk of developing side effects and a wide range of precautions and contraindications. That is why it is of ultimate importance to get your symptoms diagnosed and checked by your health care provider.

Allergy and generic Zithromax

Azithromycin is rarely known to cause any allergic reaction. However mind all cases in your health profile, all the unusual responses of your body to any kind of medicine. Mind also all types of unusual reactions to other triggers: foods, pets, domestic chemicals. If you purchase generic Zithromax without prescription and without direct indications from your doctor, then, please, carefully read the information provided with the drug.

Generic Zithromax for kids

Azithromycin is not recommended in infants younger than 6 months old. There are no sufficient studies of safety and efficacy of the drug in the children of such an age group. Older kids must get generic Zithromax only with prescription from health care provider as they need a strictly calculated dosage. Do not give any antibiotic to your kid in case you do not know what causes the condition (whether it is a bacterial infection or viral infection or not an infection at all).

Generic Zithromax during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Zithromax belongs to the risk group B meaning that animal studies have not proved harmful effect on a fetus. The drug penetrates to the breast milk but poses minimal risks for the baby. Pregnant patients must not take ANY drug without prescription as drug can cause abnormal development of fetus which will later after birth turn fatal. Please, consult your health care provider before you buy the drug.

Who must not take generic Zithromax

Generic Zithromax is a safe and effective antibiotic drug, however it is of high risk for the next groups of patients with:

  • allergy to any of the drugs belonging to the macrolide or ketolide groups
  • liver diseases caused with prior excessive use of antibiotic of the same group
  • blood infections
  • weak immune system
  • physical weakness of any nature
  • low levels of potassium in the blood (the condition is known as hypokalemia)
  • cardiovascular diseases

How to properly use generic Zithromax

Generic Zithromax acts by interfering into DNA structures of bacteria and preventing the structures from replication (the main condition of growth and development). In such a way the drug kills and clears the infection out from the body.

To achieve a desired effect, you must strictly keep to the instructions provided with the drug or given by your doctor.

In case you exceed the dosage you increase the risk of developing badly tolerable side effects. When you withdraw the medicine prematurely, you increase the risk of infection recurrence.

Azithromycin can be taken with or without foods, it does not irritate stomach and rarely causes indigestion side effects.

Generic Zithromax does not cause nausea and vomiting, however these can be symptoms relevant to the treated disease. Mind, that if you vomit an hour after you take the drug, please, contact your doctor immediately. According to the severity of the symptoms and the infection you may be recommended either skip the dosage or take another one immediately.

Warning! Only your doctor will decide whether to take the next dosage in advance or not!

What is my right dosage of generic Zithromax

Generic Zithromax is a potent drug which must be taken in strict dosages indicated for every group of patients and for every group of diseases.

For treatment of various types of pneumonias adults are administered 3g as a single dosage, while children weighing over 34kg (75 pounds) must take 2g of generic Zithromax as a single dosage.

For treatment of infections generic Zithromax is taken in a prolonged period of time. According to the severity of the symptoms presence, adults take 500mg to 750mg of Azithromycin as a single dosage once daily. Commonly antibiotics need from 5 to 7-10 days to clear the infection out from the body.

For treatment of infections in kids the dosage must be strictly calculated upon the weight of a kid in an amount of 10mg to 30mg per each kilogram of body mass.

When I must stop taking generic Zithromax

Though being a safe drug, generic Zithromax can cause severe side effects. There are also cases when you need to terminate treatment and to report your case to your doctor.

You must stop taking the drug and visit your doctor in case you notice the next symptoms:

  • skin changes – rashes, dots, spots, itching, burning – generic Zithromax is rarely known (in less than 3% of cases) to cause skin allergies;
  • indigestion (diarrhea, vomiting, nausea) which you relate to the treatment and not to the symptoms of key disease;
  • worsening of the symptoms of key disease – this means that the medicine is wrong;
  • the symptoms are not eased from the beginning of the treatment – this points to the insufficient dosage of the drug.