Generic Lasix (Furosemide)

buy Generic Lasix (Furosemide) onlineFurosemide is a drug treating fluid retention in the body which is caused due to various diseases and dysfunctions. The most common conditions for which generic Lasix performs the best effect are high blood pressure, heart diseases, kidney and liver failures. Lasix is a brand name of the drug. You can buy as Lasix, so Furosemide. It is a prescription medicine, however generic Lasix is available online without prescription. An effective dosage of the drug is administered individually considering health profile, causes of the fluid retention, severity of symptoms presence, age and other related conditions. You can buy generic Lasix without visiting your doctor, but you need to learn all necessary information on the action of the drug, proper dosing, risks of self treatment and cases when you must see a doctor.

General information on Lasix

Furosemide is on the list of essentials of WHO and is widely applied to correct symptoms of edema and fluids accumulation in the body. Furosemide is on the list of banned drugs by the World Anti-Dopping Agency due to its ability to mask the presence of other drugs in the body.

Generic Lasix is a safe and effective drug, if applied correctly. Key conditions treated with the drug are high blood pressure and excessive retention of fluid in the body. The drug is used alone or in combination with other medications for treatment of hypertension. If you take the drug on your own without prior seeing your health care provider, you must monitor your hearth blood pressure daily. If generic Lasix does not help and the high blood pressure lasts for a long time, you must terminate self treatment and visit your doctor.

Furosemide causes certain side effects. Most of them are considered to be normal and commonly do not require additional treatment. In case of badly tolerable side effects it is recommended to lower the dosage.

Generic Lasix and allergic reactions

There are only few cases known of Lasix to provoke allergic reaction. However, it is not recommended to start self-treatment with Furosemide if you have ever experienced any abnormal reactions to any medications. Please, consider allergic reactions to foods, chemicals, environmental triggers, etc. We strongly recommend seeing your doctor in case of having allergic reactions in health profile. Your doctor may recommend you alternatives which you also can order online with Lasix.

Generic Lasix in kids

There are no proven risks of generic Lasix for kids, at least sufficient studies have not revealed any related conditions. Mind that kids are more likely to develop unwanted reactions. If you need generic Lasix for your kid, please, do not try self-treatment. Visit health care provider to find out a proper dosage for your kid which will be right for treatment of the initial condition (which causes fluid retention).

Generic Lasix in elderly patients

Studies have not revealed any risks of Lasix treatment for elderly people. Mind, that elderly patients are more likely to develop age specific diseases of kidneys, liver or heart. Elderly patients must take the drug with extra caution. It is better to treat such conditions as high blood pressure under strict medical supervision.

Furosemide during pregnancy and breastfeeding

There are no adequate studies proving the positive effect. Studies on animals have shown adverse effect. Furosemide is not recommended to take without prescription during pregnancy. The drug penetrates into breast milk and affect a newborn baby. That is why administration of Furosemide to a breastfeeding mother must be weighed with caution considering benefits for treatment of the mother and possible risks for the kid. If treatment with generic Lasix in inevitable, then it is recommended to terminate breastfeeding and renew it when the treatment is over.

Contraindicating conditions for taking Lasix

Generic Lasix is a safe drug but there are risk groups of patients who must not take the drug without prescription and strict medical supervision:

  • allergic reaction to sulfa-medicines
  • problems with urination (inability to urinate)
  • low levels of essential elements in the blood (potassium, sodium, magnesium, chlorine, calcium, etc)
  • kidney diseases and dysfunctions

How to correctly take generic Lasix?

Generic Lasix is available for over the counter purchase online. This means that you do not need to see your doctor to get a prescription. If you decide on taking the drug without control from the part of your doctor, then please, follow the next recommendations on Furosemide intake:

  • carefully read the medication guide provided with the drug box and follow the recommended dosages for your condition
  • do not exceed the dosage as well as do not take a lower dosage than recommended
  • take the drug for a recommended period of time even if you feel better, ease of symptoms does not mean a complete recovery
  • many patients get recommendations to change lifestyle and to keep to the low fat diet, that is why it is recommended to visit nutritionist to get proper recommendations

Generic Lasix does not treat high blood pressure, but it assists in keeping the pressure at normal levels.

Recommended dosages of generic Lasix

Lasix is administered in individual dosages for each patient. But if you order the drug online without prior visiting your doctor, then follow strictly the instructions provided with the drug.

For treatment of edema:

  • adults are administered from 20mg to 80mg of the drug as a single dosage once a day.
  • for kids the dosage of generic Lasix is calculated upon the formula:

2mg of generic Lasix per each 1 kilogram of body mass

For high blood pressure generic Lasix is prescribed in the next dosages:

  • adults take 40mg of Furosemide twice per day
  • kids take the dosages prescribed by a pediatrician

Furosemide rarely causes side effects. The symptoms which you must track are:

  • rash, itching, red spots on skin
  • pain in the chest
  • sore throat
  • wheezing
  • swelling of glands

Generic Lasix must not be withdrawn rapidly, please, consult your doctor, how you need to withdraw the drug. Your health care provider may decide either on lowering your one-time dosage or on reducing the number of dosages you take daily.