Generic Plavix (Clopidogrel)

Buy Generic Plavix OnlineGeneric Plavix is a full equivalent of Clopidogrel which is a drug for treatment and prevention of heart diseases, strokes and attacks in people with high risk of cardiovascular disease. The drug is recommended by American Heart Association and by the American College of Cardiology.

The drug is used as for prevention, so for recovery and treatment of heart attacks and strokes. Generic Plavix have proved its efficacy in prevention of thrombosis in case of placement of coronary stent. The drug is of great use for those patient who have developed the risk of high stroke due to excessive cigarette smoking.

Generic Plavix is commonly prescribed to patients with a heart stroke in health profile, with severe chest pain or with problems of blood circulation. The drug has also proved efficacy in prevention of heart strokes and attacks. These conditions may occur in case a vessel is blocked with a clot and the blood can not freely pass through the vessel. Generic Plavix is platelet inhibitor. The medicine works by prevention of platelets from clumping together and forming a clot. Due to its mode of action the drug can increase a risk of severe bleeding. That is why patients going to have surgeries must warn doctor about taking Clopidogrel.

Generic Plavix is a fast acting medicine. Its maximum dosage in the blood is achieved in 2 hours after intake and the effect lasts for 5 days.

Though to buy generic Plavix in your local drug store you can only with prescription from your doctor, still you can order the drug online without prescription. Before you buy the drug, please, carefully read the information provided on the drug online.

Before using Clopidogrel

There are risk groups of patients who must take any drug with caution. Before taking the first pill of the drug, please, mind:

Generic Plavix may cause allergic reaction – though allergic response is very rare, still you must consider all cases of abnormal (allergic) reactions you have ever had either to medicines or other triggers (foods, pets, chemicals, etc.) There are only 1,3% of reported cases of allergic reactions developed in response to treatment with generic Plavix.

Sufficient studies have proved no harmful effect in children. However in case of necessity of treatment or prevention of heart disease in a kid, you must visit a doctor and get individual recommendations on dosages, frequency and course of treatment.

Generic Plavix belongs to the risk group B. This means that studies have not revealed any potential risk of Plavix treatment for an unborn baby. However there are no sufficient studies in women feeding babies with breast milk. That is why it is unknown whether the drug passes to breast milk, in which form it can be passed to a kid and how the drug can affect a baby. If you need to take generic Plavix because of existing heart problems or to prevent heart strokes, please, consult your health care provider. The doctor may recommend you to finish breast feeding before starting Clopidogrel therapy.

How to take generic Plavix correctly and safely?

Generic Plavix (Clopidogrel) is an effective and safe medicine, however it must be taken with caution strictly keeping to the prescribed or recommended dosages and schedule.

It is not recommended to reduce Plavix dosage on your own without your doctor’s indication. In this case the drug will not work correctly for you and you will be at a high risk of developing stroke.

If a recommended dosage does not help and you feel worse, please, do not take another dosage as well as do not increase your one time dosage as this may lead to unwanted reactions from your body. In this case call the emergency as soon as possible.

In case you purchase generic Plavix without prescription from your health care provider, please, follow exactly the Medication Guide provided with the medicine.

What is a proper dosage of generic Plavix for me?

Generic Plavix is administered individually and one time dosage will vary from patient to patient. That is why you can not recommend your dosage and schedule of treatment to anybody else. Next paragraphs contain official information on average dosages, however your doctor may decide on a different dosage for you.

For blood clots prevention adults must take 75mg daily. In patients with high risk of stroke a single one time dosage can be 300mg. After this dosage a patient must be monitored for ease of symptoms and then an average adult dosage is prescribed.

For kids of any age only a doctor may decide on correct dosage of generic Plavix.

Is generic Plavix safe for me?

Yes, generic Plavix is completely safe, however it increases certain risks. It takes patients longer to stop any bleeding, even from a simple finger cut. In women taking the drug normal menstrual bleedings can last longer.

Patients must warn any other doctor about taking this medicine. Generic Plavix causes worse bruises than ever. That is why patients are recommended avoiding injuries and situations in which they can be easily injured.

Every patient must keep track of symptoms and report any changes to a doctor. If you order generic Plavix online, this still does not mean that you can take the drug uncontrollably. It is serious drug regulating the way your heart works. Please, get checked regularly by your doctor.

What side effects are possible with generic Plavix?

Generic Plavix is commonly a well tolerable drug. Some reactions of your body which seem abnormal to you, are considered to be a variation of the norm. With Plavix you will notice:

  • deeper bruises which last longer
  • red spots on skin
  • swelling
  • nasal bleedings
  • painful urinations due to swelling
  • shortness of breath

These are the most common and most frequently reported side effects of the drug. If one of the symptoms turns bothersome, please, contact your doctor as soon as possible, do not take the next dosage. However most of the side effects do not need medical help and will pass in short time.