Hair Loss

Hair loss is a condition of permanent or occasional hair falling out. Effective medications for hair loss treatment and prevention are available on the pharmaceutical market. However how to distinguish which of the drugs will be effective for you, and which of the medicines will harm your health. Before you will buy your first hair loss treatment you must know that some conditions are permanent, no matter what type of treatment you will be administered you will not manage to grow new hair on scalp. Another fact to consider is a myth busting. None of the hair loss treatments will not induce hair growing all over your body. Any hair loss drug affects only scalp area. Mind also, that most of the results are permanent. Regardless of what method of hair loss therapy you will opt in (laser treatment, surgery, drugs), you will get only temporary effect – commonly in a year you will lose the regrown hair again. This means that hair loss therapy must be taken regularly (at least once in a year, but with age the frequency of treatments will increase). Here you can buy Propecia online.

The goals of any hair loss treatments are as follows:

  • stimulate new hair growth or “wake up” follicles which do not produce hair
  • slow hair loss
  • hide hair loss

Any hair loss treatments are prescription medications or therapies which must be agreed with your health care provider. Some medications change hormonal balance and stimulate excessive production of specific substances required for stimulation of hair growth.

Why you need to see a doctor?

There are various reasons to see a doctor before you will order your first box of hair loss pills. The reasons are evident:

  • none of the drugs are harmless – while treating one condition the drug may damage other parts of the body or change their functioning
  • in some cases hair loss is caused with underlying diseases – taking hair loss drugs without treating the condition causing hair loss will be useless and you will never manage to regrow your hair
  • each of the drug has side effects and contraindications – your health care provider will consider you overall health condition, diseases and specific conditions, age, sex and lifestyle
  • hair loss may be induced with other treatment you are taking – only your doctor will be able to detect what causes the hair falling out and will replace the drugs causing such an effect with a safer one.

Still regardless of the potential risks patients try various medicines without prescription. If you purchase a hair loss drug over the counter, we recommend choosing among the drugs approved by FDA for treatment of hair loss.

What FDA approved hair loss drugs are available for sale online?

Minoxidil – it is a drug which is available without prescription. It comes in a form of liquid or foam which you need to rub into scalp skin carefully and regularly. The drug is recommended for daily use (the optimum frequency of application is twice a day). It is used for treatment and prevention of hair loss. Thus if you notice a positive effect, please, do not terminate the treatment and go on applications of foam for a recommended period of time. The period the drug needs to start working is 16 weeks. Among possible side effects there are itching and burning of skin on scalp, increased heart beat.

Finasteride – this drug is widely known as Propecia and is also available in generic forms. The drug is a prescription one but it is available for sale online without prescriptions from your health care provider. The key precaution for this drug is that it is only a male medication. Women must not take the drug. Moreover women are not recommended even to handle the pills. Special precaution is for pregnant women. The drug which occasionally gets into the body of a pregnant woman will cause birth defects. The drug performs first effects in less than 10 weeks of regular treatment. The effects which male patients report are:

  • slowing of hair loss
  • growing new hair
  • thickening of existing hair

Propecia is effective. You will experience the improvement in hair growth within 2,5 months and preserve the effect within the next year. However in a year the regrown hair will start actively falling out again and you will need to repeat the course of treatment.

Mind, that hair falls out normally. The average growth cycle of a hair is from to 9 months. In patients with hair loss condition follicles producing hair may be sleeping and they need additional stimulation to reproduce hair again.

If you are going to try some medicines for hair loss, then start with visiting your doctor who will diagnose the reason of your condition and will recommend optimum treatment which will perform the best effect in your case.