Generic Propecia (Finasteride)

Buy Generic Propecia OnlineGeneric Propecia is a anti hair loss drug with Finasteride as active component. The drug is also administered for treatment of enlarged prostate gland (the condition is also known under the name of benign prostatic hyperplasia. This drug must not be used uncontrollably as it interferes into the hormonal balance of a patient by prevention of converting testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – the lack of male hormone testosterone causes hair loss in men.

Generic Propecia is a powerful and effective drug. The treatment takes from 3 to 6 months with over than 30% of improvements. Unfortunately, the effect of the drug lasts only during treatment. When the drug is withdrawn, then the level of DHT grows and the level of testosterone rapidly drops and a patient starts losing hair again.

Propecia or Finasteride is a prescription medication which must not be taken without medical supervision. However you can buy the drug online over the counter and start treatment of hair loss on your own. Before you purchase the drug, please, learn all precautions, indications and contraindications for the treatment.

Generic Propecia must not be taken by women. It is also forbidden for women to handle the drug or to get in contact with the drug. Finasteride causes severe birth defects in pregnant women contacting or taking the drug by accident. That is why you should always strictly follow the rules:

  • keep the drug closed and apart from all other drug kept at home
  • warn your family about the potential risks of the drug for women
  • never leave the drug in the direct reach of women
  • never share the drug with others

Together with hair loss generic Propecia will treat prostate gland. The drug is effective in prevention of enlargement and reduces the chances for necessary surgery.

For treatment of hair loss Finasteride is quite enough. No other medicines are needed to improve the effect. However you can apply various care products inducing hair growth. The drug affects only hair on scalp. Finasteride does not provoke excessive hair growth all over the body.

High levels of DHT cause hair to fall out and prostate gland to grow. These are common age related male problems. Generic Propecia will help you to recover hair on scalp and will reduce the risks of BPH – a male condition which requires much more complex and serious treatment.

The drug is available only in pills. Read carefully the instructions of proper intake of the drug.

What should I know before purchase generic Propecia?

Generic Propecia is the same effective and safe medicine as original brand drug. The medicine can provoke allergic reactions and causes some side effects. Learn the next paragraphs to find out when you must see a doctor.

Before you start taking Propecia, please, mind all the cases of allergic responses of your body to any medicines. It is also recommended to list all the case of food, domestic and environmental allergies in health profile. The cases of allergic reactions induced with Propecia are rather rare.

Finasteride is forbidden in children. If you child badly grows hair on scalp, then do not try to correct the condition with Propecia. Visit your health care provider to find out the reason and to get prescriptions. Never give generic Propecia to a child.

Extensive studies have not performed any risks for geriatric patients. As Finasteride interferes into hormonal balance of a patient, then it is not recommended to start the treatment in elderly patients without medical supervision. Moreover elderly people may have age specific liver, kidney and heart problems. Some conditions are dependant on the levels of hormones in the body. As generic Propecia rises the levels of key male hormone testosterone, then we do not recommend to start treatment of geriatric patients with generic Propecia without prior seeing a doctor.

Male patients with certain chronic conditions must take the drug carefully. Direct contraindication to taking generic Propecia (Finasteride) is kidney problems as this condition may lead to the increased concentrations of the drug in the blood.

Liver disease is another condition to visit a doctor and discuss possibility of treatment of hair loss with generic Propecia. However in most cases doctors recommend to finish liver treatment and only then start taking Finasteride.

How to take generic Propecia correctly?

Generic Propecia must be prescribed by your doctor. You can order the drug online to save time and costs, however we strongly recommend to see a doctor and to get recommendations on proper usage of the drug and the length of the treatment course.

The drug comes with a medication guide. Please, read patient’s information carefully before you start taking the pills.

Do not exceed the dosage – many patients desire to achieve the result faster, thus trying larger dosages than indicated. This will only rise the risks of side effects, but will not improve the effect of the drug.

Generic Propcia can be taken as with so without foods. The drug does not irritate stomach and rarely causes digestive side effects.

Some patients try to withdraw the drug when they do not see the effect for a month or two of intake. It is considered to be a norm. The first effect of the drug is commonly seen on the third month of intake.

The effect of the drug lasts only when you take the pills. Commonly a patient loses newly grown hair within a year after the end of treatment. Discuss a proper scheme of hair loss treatment with generic Propecia with your doctor. By taking the drug in certain intervals you may achieve stable effect.

What is a proper dosage of generic Propecia for me?

Generic Propecia is simple to use. The intake of the drug does not depend on foods and on time of the day.

For hair loss treatment you need to take 1mg of generic Propecia daily. It is recommended to take the drug at a certain time. If you miss a dosage, please, take one as soon as your remember. However if the next intake is close, please, do not take a double dosage.

What side effects of generic Propecia can I expect?

The most common side effects of generic Propecia are:

  • dizziness
  • confusions
  • chills

Allergic reactions as well as digestion side effects are very rare. They are reported in less than 0,5% of cases in patients treated with Finastride.

Generic Propecia is a cost effective solution. You can find the drug for sale and get the same powerful and effective pills at a discount price. But still, you should visit your health care provider to get individual recommendations on treatment.