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Erectile dysfunction is not the only male condition damaging your self esteem and confidence. More and more men suffer from premature ejaculation or a combination of two worst male conditions: inability to develop and keep firm erection and inability to control ejaculation. Thus a sexual intercourse turns into a complete nightmare. A man starts experiencing stress and loses self-belief. Fortunately, the pharmaceutical market offers multiple options for sale at different prices and of different effect. Find out how to choose erection boosting drugs correctly.


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Why to visit a doctor before you buy men’s health drugs?

Men’s health drugs are commonly prescription medication, but they are available for sale online over the counter. You can buy brand and generic Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Kamagra and PE treatments. However not all of them are right for you, especially in case you do not know what causes erectile disorder in you and whether the duration of your sexual intercourse is normal.

Most sex drugs act by increasing blood flow (this means your heart working faster and vessels get under excessive force and stress) and dilate vessels and relax smooth muscles in penile tissues for better saturation with blood. You may have specific conditions which contraindicate taking such drugs or restrict maximum allowed dosages in your case.

Your doctor will estimate the severity of erectile disorder and will estimate the duration of a sexual intercourse (premature ejaculation is commonly a very subjective perception of the duration of a sexual intercourse; some men mistakenly believe that if a sexual intercourse lasts less than 7-10 minutes then they suffer from premature ejaculation; actually a normal healthy (average) duration of a sexual intercourse is only 2 minutes, but sex lasting 1 minute is also considered to be a norm). Premature ejaculation is diagnosed in men who can not control the erection and ejaculate before the start of a sexual intercourse (before actual penetration) or right after (2-3 frictions are enough to ejaculate).

Other conditions estimated by your doctor are cardiovascular diseases, function of kidneys and liver, vision test, individual tolerability of the drugs. Among common conditions which can contraindicate men’s health drugs are:

  • age – these drugs are not recommended for men before 18 and after 64. However in case with elderly patients Viagra or Cialis are allowed under strict medical supervision
  • overall health condition – activity and stamina, lifestyle
  • sexually transmitted diseases – due to increasing of blood flow sex drugs may worsen sexually transmitted diseases and assist in spreading of the infection to other body parts. Mind, that having no symptoms present does not mean you do not have any sex infection. These diseases commonly pass in a latent form.

What is the difference among sex drugs?

The key difference is the strength of the expected effect of erectile and PE drugs as well as the period they work for you.

Viagra is a classic sex drug which is the most trusted and is probably the safest one available on the market. It is produced by Pfizer – the company which is heavily investing in research and testing of the drugs. A pills of Viagra regardless of the dosage lasts from 4 to 6 hours. This means that during this time you will be able to develop erection again and again, but mind that your body needs time to restore strength and to recover.

Kamagra is a generic form of Viagra produced by an Indian pharmaceutical leader. The key advantage is the form of the drug. It is available in oral jelly and soft tab pills. Such forms ensure faster absorption and action. While traditional Viagra starts working in 30 to 60 minutes, then you can expect Kamagra to work in less than 20 minutes after intake. Though the manufacturer claims that the drug works in your body for 4-6 hours, still patients report that they keep ability to develop erection within 8-9 hours after pill intake.

Levitra is another sex drug which is based on a different key active components – Vardenafil. The key difference from Viagra and Kamagra is that Levitra performs a stronger effect. According to patients’ reports the drug ensures harder and longer erection, though it works in your body for the same 4-6 hours.

Cialis is also known as a weekend pill due to its long lasting action. A pill ensures you to keep an ability to get erection for up to 36 hours. Cialis also works for enlarged prostate gland and ensures positive effect in less than a week of treatment. Cialis comes in pills for daily use (lower dosages) and in pills for use as needed (higher dosage pills).

Mind that any of these drugs have contraindications and perform side effects. Though you can buy any of these pills online without prescription at a lower price, we still insist on starting your treatment from seeing your doctor.