Generic Levitra (Vardenafil)

buy  Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) onlineGeneric Levitra is a sex drug which ranks #2 in the world after Viagra. The drug has Vardenafil as its key active component. The brand medicine is produced by Bayer. Generic Levitra is the same drug as brand one: it features the same formula and composition, the same route of administration, performs the same effect and causes the same side effects. This generic drug features the same contraindications and precautions in usage as brand Levitra. However generic Levitra is available to buy online without prescription. It is cheaper than brand one. You must keep in mind that though the drug is available to order over the counter, it is strongly recommended to see a doctor to find out whether generic Levitra is safe for you.

General information on Levitra

Generic Levitra has Vardenafil as key component which acts in the same way as other PDE5 inhibitors. Its function is the same as Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis) perform. But if the most popular sex drugs act in the same way, what is the difference among them?

  • Viagra performs the effect within the next 4 hours; does not treat or improves any other condition;
  • Cialis performs the prolonged effect which last up to 36 hours. Moreover Cialis is available for daily use; Cialis is effective for treatment of BPH – enlarged prostate gland;
  • Levitra performs a bit longer effect than Viagra, but it can not compete with the prolonged effect which Cialis performs.

However the most noticeable distinction of Levitra is that it treats not only erection disorders, but it delays ejaculation. Generic Levitra assists also in treatment of premature ejaculation, prolonging the time from the sexual arousal to ejaculation. Mind, that none of the sexual drugs perform real treatment, the pills only perform temporary effect which seizes in a certain interval of time. The next time you will want to have sex you will need another pill. The same is with generic as well as with brand Levitra: the medicine does not improve or treat the condition. It only performs a one-time effect.

What should I know before I buy generic Levitra

Levitra is a safe drug, however there are some precautions and contraindications for the risk groups of patients.

Levitra does not treat impotence. It provides one time assistance in gaining the erection. Mind that without sexual stimulation or physical activity (which takes place during natural sexual intercourse or during manual stimulation of penis) the erection will not happen. Thus if you take a drug, but do not have sex, the pill will not work. Please, mind, that there are important limitations of the daily allowed dosages.

Generic Levitra (the same as brand one) can cause allergic reaction. That is why it is recommended to see a doctor before you order generic Levitra online and consult about risks of allergy in case you have had abnormal response to any medicines in your health profile.

Levitra as other sex drugs are forbidden in kids and women.

Levitra is allowed in geriatric patients. However it is forbidden to take the drug without individual indications from health care provider. The matter is that elderly patients may have problems with heart and vessels. All sex drugs act in the same way by increasing blood flow and stimulating smooth penile muscles to relax and to get better saturated with blood. Such an effect may cause heart problems due to age related cardiovascular conditions. Vardenafil in any form (as brand or generic drug) has certain age limitations.

It is forbidden in patients younger 18 years old as well as in patients after 65 years old. However, if an elderly man wants to try sex, then health care provider may prescribe Levitra considering overall health condition.

Which conditions contraindicate generic Levitra?

There is a number of conditions which contraindicate taking Levitra (as any other sex drug):

  • abnormal form of penis with high risk of curved urethra due to surgeries, traumas or birth defects
  • vision disorders as crowded optic disc
  • blood cancer at any stage or any blood disorders
  • any cardiovascular conditions (are not direct contraindications, doctor advice is needed) as low blood pressure, high risk of heart stroke or clot formation
  • kidney diseases
  • liver diseases

How to properly take generic Levitra?

Generic Levitra is available for sale without prescription. If you buy the drug without prior visiting your doctor, you do not have individual recommendations on dosages and intervals of intake. That is why it is recommended to strictly keep to the medication guide which you will get with the box of generic drug. Follow the recommendations given by a certain drug manufacturer as these may vary from pharmaceutical company to company.

Levitra intake does not depend on foods. You can take the drug with or without meal. The medicine does not irritate stomach. It performs the same effect as on full so on empty stomach unlike Viagra which action can be delayed and the effect can be reduced if you take fat rich food an hour prior to the pill intake.

Take the pill with a full glass of water 60 minutes prior to an intended sexual intercourse.

It is recommended to avoid drinking grapefruit fresh or packed juice as it affects the absorption of the drug in the blood.

What is a proper dosage of generic Levitra for me?

Generic Levitra must be taken strictly as it is indicated in the medication guide. If you have questions on which dosage is proper for you, please, visit your health care provider.

For treatment of erectile disorders men commonly are enough of 5mg an hour prior to an intended sexual intercourse. Mind, that this is a maximum daily dosage. You must not take another dosage within the next 24 hours.

For premature ejaculation the same 5mg dosage once a day is enough.

For treatment of erectile dysfunction followed with premature ejaculation patients are prescribed 10mg of generic Levitra once a day as a single dosage.

For elderly patients over 65 years old a possible one time dosage can be 10mg of generic Levitra once a day. In rare cases a doctor may prescribe 20mg of Levitra considering overall health and cardiovascular condition.