Generic Priligy (Dapoxetine)

Buy Priligy OnlinePremature ejaculation is a male health condition which shows as ejaculating sooner than it is naturally expected by both partners. Some male patients ejaculate from the slightest manual stimulation of penile tissues which makes a healthy sexual intercourse just impossible. Statistics of addresses claims that every third man on earth has the problem with duration of erection and early ejaculation.

The condition of premature semen ejaculation does not perform any risk for health and life of a patient except of psychological discomfort. Moreover sex therapists claim that if the condition occurs infrequently, then there are no reasons for concern as it is a variation of a healthy norm.

Generic Priligy is a #1 drug for treatment of ejaculation problems. The drug has dapoxetine as key component which is an approved treatment for male patients of the age of 18-64 years old.

Initially the drug was developed as a potent antidepressant. However it features a very fast absorption and elimination from the body. As a side effect the delay of ejaculation was noticed during lab and control group tests. Thus it was decided to retarget the drug and to market it as a potent PE treatment.

Generic Priligy is a safe, potent and affordable drug which is available for sale in European and Asian markets as well as in Mexico. For US patients generic Priligy is available to buy only from online pharmaceutical suppliers.

Is generic Priligy is right for me?

Generic Priligy delays ejaculation thus making your sexual intercourse longer. It engages nerve centers and transmitters which take part in the chain processes of excitement, arousal, erection and ejaculation. However not all the conditions can be diagnosed as early semen expel. It is recommended to see a doctor before you will order your first Dapoxetine box. Only your doctor can exactly diagnose whether you really have erectile and ejaculation disorders or you have psychological problems which do not require correction with the drugs.

However there is an algorithm of diagnostics of premature semen expel at home.

You might have premature ejaculation if you:

  • ejaculate less than in a minute after the first penetration in most of the cases
  • are unable to control and delay semen expel during sexual intercourse or manual stimulation
  • ejaculate less than in 1 minute after sexual physical stimulation starts

Mind that premature semen expel mostly depends on your psyche and excitement. The condition commonly occurs in case of over-excitement. Over-excitement takes place each time you:

  • have sex with a new partner
  • have sex after a long break
  • do not have regular sex for a sufficient interval of time
  • have your first sexual experience in life
  • try new ways of sex (sex toys, games, accessories as plugs, etc)

To find out for sure whether you have PE and whether you really need generic Priligy you can do a home test:

  • start stimulating penis with your hand
  • use visual stimulants as sex pictures or magazines
  • track time when you reach hard erection (which is enough for penetration) and till the moment you ejaculate

If the period of self satisfaction lasts for more than a minute and you feel you are able to control ejaculation, then you probably do not need Dapoxetine. If even in case with manual stimulation you ejaculate very fast, then there is a reason for concern.

Though generic Priligy is available online over the counter with no need to visit your doctor, still we recommend seeing a doctor before you order the drug. The matter is that Dapoxetine does not cure the problem. It provides just one time help to delay the ejaculation and to prolong your sexual intercourse. If you are interested in finding out what causes premature ejaculation in your case, then you need to see a sex therapist. There are various reasons for the condition to occur:

  • early sexual experience and active sexual life in adolescence
  • various kinds of sexual abuse
  • depression
  • excessive worrying about your sexual abilities
  • deep dissatisfaction with body or look

The listed above reasons do not need drug correction, they can be corrected only with proper psychiatric help. Among other reasons of premature ejaculation there are:

  • mental disorders
  • pain or discomfort in genital area
  • erection disorders
  • hormonal imbalance
  • sexually passed diseases

These conditions can be easily corrected with proper medicines prescribed by your doctor.

Is generic Priligy is safe for me?

Generic Priligy is an approved drug for treatment of premature semen expel in patients from 18 to 64 years old. However the safety of treatment depends largely on the way you take the drug. Many patients neglect the indications and recommendations from doctors and medication guide and exceed recommended dosages to achieve better effect. But the only possible result of overdosing is adverse effect, when a patient will be unable to develop any erection at all. You must understand that Dapoxetine works of the level of hormones, transmitters and brain centers and not directly on the physical level by narrowing the channel for semen expel and thus delaying the ejaculation.

How to correctly take generic Priligy?

  1. Read the medication guide you get with the drug carefully. Mind, that if you get prescription from your doctor and the indicated dosage is different from the one recommended in the medication guide, then take the drug in the dosage prescribed you by your doctor. The matter is that your health care provider considers your health background, chronic diseases and conditions as well age, weight and other biometric parameters. If you do not have prescription and individual indications then it is recommended to start with 30mg of generic Priligy. Take 60mg dosage only in case your sexual intercourse with 30mg lasts the same as without the drug.
  2. Take the dosage of generic Priligy with a full glass of water at least 60 minutes prior to a planned sexual intercourse.
  3. Do not take another pill of you feel the drug is not enough for you. You can take only one pill every 24 hours. Thus you must plan your sexual life carefully with this drug.
  4. Avoid eating fat rich foods and alcohol before taking Dapoxetine as the drug will boost the effect of alcohol while rich foods may delay the effect of the drug.
  5. Avoid taking relaxants and antidepressants with Dapoxetine as such a combination is of great risk for your health. Moreover, this combination can lead to severe side effects.

Generic Priligy is available for sale online at an affordable price. However we recommend to read the guide of how to choose a reputable online drug store before you order the medicine online. Mind that Dapoxetine will not cure PE, but will add to your confidence!