Kamagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

Buy Kamagra OnlineKamagra is an alternative to the #1 sex drug in the world – Viagra. This drug is produced by a leading Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma and is distributed mostly in Asia. It is not certified for sale in Europe and the United States, however you can order Kamagra online without prescription. Kamagra is a less known alternative, but it has certain benefits in comparison to its main competitor.

What is Kamagra?

Kamagra is a general name to a class of sex drugs which have the same active ingredient as brand Viagra does – Sildenafil Citrate. Unlike Viagra this drug is available not only in different dosages, but in different forms. You can take pills or opt in Kamagra Oral Jelly for faster absorption and faster effect. The dosages of Kamagra pills are the same as brand Viagra offers: 25mg, 50mg and 100mg.

Kamagra is targeted at Asian market. It is cheaper and more affordable than Viagra or any other brand drug for erectile dysfunction (Cialis, Levitra). But mind, that Kamagra is not certified on the territory of UK and USA, Australia and South America. This means that the drug is available to purchase only online. That is why it is of ultimate importance to choose a reputable online store for supplying you the pills.

Kamagra gets fast absorbed into the blood. Its biovalidity reaches 40%. The half life of the drug is about 3-4 hours. This means that the drug will perform its erectile inducing effect for no longer than 4 hours. In some cases (in patients with hyper sensitivity to the key components of the drug) the effect will last longer.

Though the key component is equal, still Kamagra features a slightly different formula and supplementary components, that is why its time of action and effect will be different from those of brand Viagra.

Is Kamagra safe for me?

Kamagra is a safe and effective drug under a condition of proper intake. We do not recommend to start any treatment without prior seeing your doctor. Kamagra will be safe for you in the next cases:

  • you do not have allergies for any medicines and have never had; you do not experience abnormal reactions to any allergic triggers: fur, chemicals, dust;
  • you do not have problems with heart and vessels, you have never had heart strokes and have never experienced heart attacks;
  • you do not have inflammations of penile tissues and testicles; you have never had serious injuries of penile tissues and testicles which could lead to abnormalities of tissues (tumors);
  • you do not have kidney or liver diseases as well as any chronic diseases which force you into taking drugs regularly;
  • you really have erectile problems and you realize the way the drug works.

All of these conditions are not direct contraindications for taking the drug. You can order Kamagra online and see your doctor to manage the treatment for you. If you decide to take the medicine on your own, then you must understand that:

  • you need to strictly follow all the recommendations, warnings and indications provided in the medication guide you will get with the pills;
  • you take all the responsibility for side effects and the risks for your health.

That is why we strongly recommend to see a doctor before you will take your first Kamagra pill!

Due to the same key active component as in Viagra, Kamagra performs the same way of action: it relaxes smooth penile muscles and increases blood flow, the penile muscles get better saturated with blood thus keeping a stronger and longer erection. The mechanism of action of Kamagra is a bit more complex as Sildenafil Citrate incorporates brain centers which are responsible for sexual arousal and excitement. That is why the drug does not work if you are not stimulated. Kamagra will provide erectile effect when you:

  • see dreams and fantasies about sex
  • get visual stimulation
  • get physical stimulation alone or by your partner

In all other cases Kamagra intake will not result in erection. The effect of Kamagra, the strength and duration of the erection does not depend on the dosage mostly.

Kamagra will be safe for you only under the condition of proper intake.

What doctor will say about Kamagra?

Kamagra is the same sex drug as Viagra, but due to available forms you can achieve faster effect with the drug than with Viagra. While the drug is safe, then why you need to see a doctor?

The answer is simple. Each case is individual and each patient has individual tolerance to the action of the drug. Moreover, the medication guide lists only the most average diseases and conditions contraindicating the drug. Your doctor will estimate your health profile, consider all your diseases and chronic conditions and will prescribe you:

  • the most effective dosage
  • the maximum daily dosage
  • the cases when you must not take the pill

How to correctly take Kamagra?

As an average drug pill, Kamagra is taken once a day before a planned sexual intercourse within 20 minutes. It is recommended to take a pill on empty stomach as rich food before the intake may slow the action and weaken the effect of the drug. If you have fat rich food, then please, wait for at least two hours before taking the drug.

Take the drug only in the dosage which is right for you, Kamagra comes in pills of 25mg, 50mg, 100mg. If you buy the drug on your own without seeing a doctor, then it is recommended to start from the mid dosage of 50mg. When you take Kamagra for the first time, please, track the next symptoms:

  • abnormal reactions – headache, dryness of mouth and eyes, pain in penile tissues and testicles, excessive heart beat
  • the time when the erection occurs
  • the time when the erection seizes (whether this time is enough to satisfy your partner and to get satisfaction on your own)

If Kamagra is taken properly, you do not exceed the one time dosage, then it will be the best assistant for you in developing healthy and strong erection!