Silagra (Sildenafil Citrate)

Buy Silagra OnlineSilagra is a cheap but effective ED treatment produced by the Cipla company. Its formula is identical to the original formula of Viagra and the key active component is the same Sildenafil Citrate. The lower price is achieved by moderate advertising and marketing of the drug. If is commonly offered as a complete equivalent of brand Viagra. But the drug is less trusted by patients than more reputable brands producing Sildenafil Citrate containing drugs as Kamagra. Keeping to instructions and indications from your doctor or from medication guide, Silagra will not cause any risks. Silagra is intended for correction of erectile disorders. Like brand Viagra it does not treat ED, but provides one time assistant in reaching the erection. To achieve the best effect with Silagra, please, read the next paragraphs carefully.

General information on Silagra

Silagra is completely identical to the brand Viagra pills. It comes in pills of 100mg and 50mg. Silagra as every Sildenafil Citrate medicine is a prescription drug. It is recommended to visit a doctor before you buy the medicine and take the first pill. However you can buy Silagra online without prescription. The drug is available for sale on many reputable online stores.

Silagra does not treat ED, it only stimulates your body to develop healthy erection for a certain period of time. The effect of the drug depends not on one time dosage of the drug, but on your personal sensitivity to the key component. On average Silagra lasts about 6 hours. This does not mean that your penis will be hard erected for this period of time. The period of action of the drug indicates the period during which you will keep an ability to develop erection.

Silagra works in the same way as Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. It engages brain centers and transmitters to stimulate heart, blood and vessels to work harder, while the penile tissues (smooth muscles) get signal for ultimate relaxation (for better saturation with blood).

How to properly take Silagra?

If you order Silagra without prescription, then you are recommended to strictly follow the indications provided in the medication guide. Moreover, if you are not examined and you do not know about the condition of your heart, vessels, blood, kidneys and liver, then you must take the drug with extra caution starting with the lowest dosage. The lowest dosage of Silagra you can purchase online is 50mg pills.

If you start treatment with Silagra after visiting your health care provider, the strictly follow the indications from your doctor. If you have prescription for brand Viagra, then you can easily opt for Silagra for sale to save costs as you will get the same effective drug but at much lower price.

General rules of taking Silagra

A pill of Silagra is taken an hour prior to a planned sexual intercourse with or without food. With this drug you get dependent on the time of intake. If you desire to get more “freedom” to have sex as wanted and not when the drug starts acting, then you are recommended to opt for Cialis.

Mind that fat food will lower the efficacy of the drug as well as will delay its effect. It is recommended to avoid fat foods and overeating at least 2 hours prior to a planned sexual intercourse.

Mind, that you can take only one pill of Silagra within 24 hours, this means that the next dosage will be possible only in 24 hours. Thus it is recommended to plan you sex and drug intake carefully.

Silagra is not for daily use. If you experience erection disorders early (patients younger than 40 years old) and want to live an active sexual life, then you are recommended to look for alternatives which are indicated for daily use (for example, Cialis in low dosages of 2,5mg and 5mg).

When you must not take Silagra?

Silagra is commonly safe, effective and well tolerated drug. Patients report side effects and allergic reactions related to the intake of the drug in less than 4% of cases. However we recommend to learn the cases where you must not take the drug. If there are no other alternatives for you, please, consult your health care provider to find out an optimum dosage considering your conditions and overall health state.

Silagra is recommended to be used with caution in the next cases:

  • allergic reactions to any medicines or environmental triggers in health profile
  • heart problems which contraindicate sexual activity or any excessive physical (cardio) workouts
  • taking nitrates drugs constantly or from time to time as Silagra may interact with this class of medicine and provoke anaphylaxis
  • taking other stimulants (Vardenafil, Tadalafil)

Some health conditions may also contraindicate any sex drugs (not only Silagra). These conditions are:

  • physical deformations of penis, traumas of penile tissues, surgeries that could lead to blocking of channels
  • excessive erection lasting for more than 4 hours with one of other erection stimulating drugs (Cialis, Viagra, Levitra)
  • liver or kidney diseases which may lead to excessive levels of the drug in the blood and finally result in overdosing

Which side effects can I expect with Silagra?

Silagra will cause the same side effects as Viagra or Kamagra (due to the same key ingredient). Patients report dizziness, blurred vision, indigestion. These effects are mostly related to the intake of alcohol before or with the drug.

In case you detect red spots, rash and feel itching, please, stop taking Silagra and report the case to your doctor. These are the symptoms of allergic reaction.

There are no scientific proofs but patients report that constant frequent intake of Silagra develop tolerance to the drug. This means that the effect of the drug turns to be not enough for you. But there are no studies proving the fact.

Silagra is a safe and effective medicine to correct erectile disorders in male patients. This drug is for men only, do not share the drug with your female partner. The drug engages brain and transmitters, thus it is not recommended to take the drug for fun or to enjoy stimulated sex due to your curiosity.