Tadacip (Tadalafil)

Buy Tadalafil Online Without PrescriptionTadacip is a generic version of Cialis with the same formula and combination and the same key active ingredient – Tadalafil. Unlike other erection stimulating drugs Tadacip provides a long term effect and it is possible to take this drug not only as needed, but daily. Apart from assisting in erectile function, the drug provides positive effect on prostate gland, prevents its enlargement and treats BPH.

Cipla is a reputable Indian producer of pharmaceutical products supplying to the Indian and partly to international markets the analogues of Viagra and Cialis.

What is the difference of brand Cialis and Tadacip?

Original Cialis is supplied in various dosages which are intended for daily use (lower dosages as 2,5mg and 5mg – a pill is taken daily) and for use as needed (larger dosages 5mg, 10mg and 20mg). Tadacip comes in a single dosage of 20mg. It is not recommended to take the maximum dosage for daily use.

Tadacip provides a prolonged effect, making your sexual life completely independent from stimulating drug intake. A single pill in the morning enables you to keep the ability to develop erection at any moment within the next 36 hours after pill intake.

Viagra and Levitra provide only 4 to 6 hours of erectile effect. The same prolonged effect can be achieved only with original Cialis, but it is a much more expensive solution than Tadacip.

Is Tadacip safe for me?

Yes, Tadacip is a safe drug if taken correctly and without exceeded recommended daily dosages. Moreover, Tadacip is safer than many other drugs as it does not affect vision (there is no blurred vision among side effects of Tadacip like in Viagra or Levitra).

The drug provides a milder effect that Viagra (generic Kamagra) or Levitra. You will achieve the same strong and lasting erection as with more powerful drug, however with less physical stress for heart, blood and vessels. Among contraindications of Tadacip there are fewer conditions which keep you apart from taking the drug.

Tadacip is a new medicine for treatment of erectile disorders on the international market. Many countries still have not approved the drug, thus you will not be able to buy it offline as well as your doctor may prescribe you Cailis instead of Tadacip (which is the same Tadalafil). But you cam easily order the drug online without prescription. If your doctor recommends you Cialis 20mg, than Tadacip is the best option for you. It is cheaper, but the same effective and safe.

How to take Tadacip correctly?

One pill of Tadacip contains 20mg of Tadalafil which is an optimum one time dosage for a male patient. It is the maximum daily dosage you can take within 24 hours. Please, mind the intervals between intakes. A single pill is enough for 36 hours of erectile effect, thus there is no need to take another pill in 10 hours to have another sexual intercourse. Such an approach to frequency of intake may lead to overdosing, especially in patients with kidney or liver diseases as in this case patients badly eliminate drugs from the body.

Tadalafil adds confidence in your sexual power and might as you can be sure in your ability to develop erection whenever you need without tracking time from the intake of the pill. Many patients take a pill of Tadacip in the morning and report keeping the ability to have healthy sexual intercourses within the whole day and the next day as well.

One of the psychological reasons of erectile disorders is anxiety. With powerful sex drug as Tadacip you will relieve your anxiety, thus improving your physical condition.

Tadacip comes in standard hard pills coated with orange film. One pack contains 4 pills. Unfortunately, the drug is not supplied in any other dosage. Moreover, the pill must not be crashed, split or chewed. Take a whole pill at once. Do not try dividing it.

Some recommendations on Tadacip intake:

Tadacip acts immediately. It is recommended to take the drug with a full glass of water with or without foods. Tadacip does not harm your stomach. Moreover, taking the pill after fat rich food may delay the effect. This is ultimately important for patients who want to have sex as soon as possible after intake. Fat food, consumed half an hour prior to the intake of the drug, will delay the effect for up to an hour.

It is also not recommended to take alcohol right before or together with Tadacip. If you plan drinking some alcohol containing drinks, please, keep an interval and take alcohol al leas two hours after you take the pill. This time is needed for the complete absorption of the drug to the blood.

What side effects can I expect with Tadacip?

Tadacip is a generic drug. According to the FDA generic drug features the same formula and composition, form, route of application, performance, contraindications and side effects.
Thus side effects of Tadacip are the same as with Cialis. However unwanted reactions are quite rare.
Mind that the probability of performance of side effects depends on your overall health condition and personal tolerance and sensitivity to the action of the drug.
Among typical side effects which are commonly reported by the patients are the following:

  • headache
  • weakness and numbness in hands and legs
  • indigestion
  • dizziness
  • swelling

However side effects are reported in less than 5% of all cases. Tadacip is a well tested and checked drug. Side effects are less probable.

What are possible contraindications of Tadacip?

Tadacip features a range of contraindications. Some of them require medical supervision, some of them need only dosage correction. Among the most serious conditions which can contraindicate Tadacip intake there are:

  • age – consult your health care provider whether the drug is right for you. Age limits are patients younger than 18 years old and older than 65 years old. In this cases you can order Tadacip online and take the drug under strict medical supervision;
  • in case of healthy normal erection – purchase Tadacip only when you really experience problems with erection on a constant basis;
  • in case you are allergic to other sex drugs – it is recommended to visit your health care provider and get tested for triggers which provoke allergic response to the drugs.