Women’s Health

Women’s health is important not only for safety of life and for the health of a sexual partner, but for the ability to get pregnant and deliver a baby. Some female diseases are lethal (as cancer or tumors), some of them are of great risk for an unborn babies (as chlamydia, syphilis, gonorrhea, bacterial and fungal infections). The health of a woman as well as the success of treatment and recovery after certain diseases depends on timely start of treatment. In the next paragraphs you will find out the to essential medications which must be in a home medicine box for women’s health.


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What women’s health drugs are essential for you?

In every home medicine box must be a set of drugs of the first aid. As it was mentioned above, timely start of treatment in most cases prevents the condition from worsening and assists in fast recovery. Among the most essential female drugs there are:

Diflucan – this drug has a key active component Fluconazole which treats fungal infections in various parts of the body. Women often suffer from vaginal yeast which is followed with excessive white discharge, itching and burning. Fluconazole can be brand and generic. You can order Diflucan online overt the counter at a lower price. The drug comes in pills of 15mg. For early stage candidiasis commonly one pill is quite enough to kill the pathogenic microflora and to normalize vaginal bacteria.

Mind, that though the drug is safe and effective, still we recommend visiting your doctor and getting tested before you start. Take the drug without prescription only in case you are sure you have fungal infection. Unfortunately, many other bacterial infections perform the same set of symptoms and presence, thus without proper lab tests it is hard to distinguish between fungal infection (as yeast) and bacterial vaginosis. In case you take antifungal drug against bacterial infection, then you will witness zero effect and the condition will get worse. Visiting a doctor will help you to avoid improper treatment and to recover faster and more effectively.

If you are sure in your symptoms, then take a pill of Diflucan (or generic Diflucan) right you feel badly. Mind, that if taking the drug over the counter, please, do follow the medication guide. Do not exceed the dosage. The maximum allowed dosage is 150mg of Fluconazole daily.

Nolvadex is another drug you must know about. This is not the drug of first aid, but still it is very essential for female health. Nolvadex treats and prevents breast cancer. This drug is available for sale over the counter online, but it is forbidden to take without prior seeing your doctor. There are no average recommendations on dosages as there are no treatment schemes. Cancer requires complex diagnostics and in most cases a complex approach to treatment. It is a combination of conservative and radical methods as surgery, chemo therapy or radiation therapy together with conservative methods as Nolvadex.

Please never start taking Nolvadex even for prevention of breast cancer. If you are worried and feel excessively anxious about probable condition, visit a doctor and discuss your individual chances to develop breast cancer. There are certain risk factors which your doctor will calculate considering your age, health profile, your family background, the history of your pregnancies and other conditions.

Moreover, Nolvadex causes severe side effects. There are certain research providing evidences that Nolvadex can cause cancer tumor development of ovaries and uterus.

Nolvadex is not a short term treatment even for prevention of breast cancer. It is prescribed for as long as 5 years and can not be withdrawn when you want. Cancer is a life threatening condition which must be treated only under strict medical supervision of your health care provider.

Other medicines we recommend to include into the list of essential of female drugs are Female Viagra or Female Cialis. These drugs treat such a condition as hypoactive sexual desire disorder which results in extremely low or no sexual drive.

Female Viagra increases the blood flow and relaxes vaginal muscles. Moreover the drug dilates vessels in genital area which assists better saturation with blood and thus better sexual arousal. The drug acts in the same way as traditional Viagra for men. But mind that Female Viagra is different and you can not share your pills with your male partner. A single pill of the drug works in your body for 4-6 hours and ensures your ability to be able to get sexually aroused in case of proper stimulation.

Female Cialis acts in the same way as Female Viagra but it lasts much longer. As male so female Cialis is referred to as a weekend pill due to its prolonged action. A single pill can last for as long as 36 hours. This means that you will keep an ability to get sexually aroused during this period of time. You will not need to take another pill after a successful sexual intercourse.