Generic Diflucan (Fluconazole)

buy Generic Diflucan (Fluconazole) onlineGeneric Diflucan is the first aid cure for infections in different body parts caused with fungi which can inflame mouth cavity, throat, blood, vagina, bladder, other parts become inflamed rarely. The key active ingredient of the drug is Fluconazole. The drug is also administered to patients with weak immune system and is always included into the severe treatment schemes of other diseases which can make a patient more prone to fungal infections (for example, cancer treatment or bones transplantations). Various diseases also weaken immune system (for example, AIDS).

Generic Diflucan is a safe and effective drug. It relieves the symptoms from the first intake and reduces inflammation instantly. While Fluconazole is a prescription drug (though being completely safe), still you can buy generic Difulcan online without prescription. You will order the same effective and safe medicine, but much cheaper than in offline drug stores.

Why you must not take generic Diflucan without seeing a doctor?

Yeast infections are very cunning diseases. They feature very similar symptoms as other inflammations as redness, itching, discharge, burning. However these symptoms are characteristic of bacterial and viral infections. Taking a wrong drug you give your disease time to develop and spread to other body parts contaminating the body and suppressing the immune system. Yeast infections are very dangerous and can cause sufficient after effects. Only lab tests can indicate which type of fungi contaminate your body and what type of treatment will perform optimum effect in your individual case.

General information on Diflucan

Fluconazole is widely applied in treatment of fungal infections and as supplementary treatment of diseases complicated with yeast infections. Among the conditions which are well cured with generic Diflucan there are:

  • various types of candidasis (vaginal, throat, urinary tract)
  • urinary tract infections complicated with candidasis
  • peritonitis (infection and inflammation of the abdomen)
  • meningitis (infection and inflammation of the brain)

Generic Diflucan acts by killing the yeasts in the body and eliminating the infection from the body.

Precautions before starting generic Diflucan

Diflucan (brand or generic) has Fluconazole as its key active component. Before you buy and take the first pill, you must know the following:

  • do not take the drug if you are unsure in the response of your body to the medicine. Generic Diflucan rarely provokes allergic reactions. Patients report allergic response to the treatment in less than 2% of cases. Consult your doctor whether you may take Fluconazole safely, if you previously had allergic reactions to any medicines in health profile;
  • take generic Diflucan with caution in case you have acute or chronic conditions of kidneys and liver – in most cases such conditions lead to overdosing as kidneys and liver are natural filters in the body. When inflamed they poorly perform clearing function;
  • having AIDS of HIV is a reason to visit a doctor as these conditions require regular intake of anti-viral and virus suppressing drugs blocking the disease – in such a case Fluconazole can interact with the medicine reducing their effect or causing anahylaxis
  • take brand or generic Diflucan with caution in case your are pregnant or breast feeding

How to take generic Diflucan correctly?

If you visit a doctor, take the drug exactly as your health care provider prescribes the pills to you. In case you buy generic Diflucan without prescription, then you will get medication guide with the drug. Follow the instructions and dosages.

Many patients desire to relieve the symptoms faster and exceed the recommended dosage. Never increase the dosage on your own. Overdosing is risky for your health.

Do not take generic Diflucan if you are not sure that you have fungal infection. Please, get examined and checked by your doctor to find the nature of your condition.

Fluconazole is taken once a day. The course of treatment may last from 1 to 5 days. However there are cases when you must stop the treatment and see your health care provider.

Get medical assistance immediately in case you experience the next symptoms:

  • zero effect from the treatment after the first dosage (in rare cases you will need to take the next dosage to feel better; do not take more than 3 pills if you feel no improvements);
  • your initial conditions get worse – or another conditions of inflammations has added to the initial disease; you may feel fever, increase in discharge, worsening of itching. In this case you need to immediately stop the treatment. Do not take the next dosage;
  • do not take a double dosage at once, unless it is prescribed to you by your doctor – the medication guide describes average cases of diseases and indicates cases when you can take a double dosage of the drug at once. However if you are unsure of the scale of inflammation in your body, the nature of the infection and symptoms, then you must not take a double dosage.

Please, immediately stop intake to Fluconazole in case of abnormal vaginal bleeding.

Mind that even if you purchase generic Diflucan online without prescription, still we recommend visiting a doctor and getting individual recommendations for intake.

What side effects can I expect from generic Diflucan?

Fluconazole is commonly a well tolerated drug, patients report side effects quite rarely. The most common adverse reactions are:

  • dizziness
  • headache
  • nausea, upset stomach, indigestion
  • uncommon taste in your mouth

In most cases side effects which are present from generic Diflucan do not require any medical aid, however if the symptoms become too bothersome, please, report the case to your health care provider.

What dosage of generic Diflucan is right for me?

Fluconazole (brand or generic) comes in pills of a single dosage of 150mg. This dosage is enough for a single intake for treatment of vaginal yeast infection. For treatment of lung infections a patient needs to take the same dosage, but for a longer period of time. Commonly it takes up to 5 days. You must track the symptoms. Please, do not terminate the treatment before time if you feel better. If the treatment is prescribed by your doctor or recommended in the medicine guide for a certain period of time, then please, be sure to take generic Diflucan as long as it is required. Mind, that timely start of the treatment will let you recover faster.