Generic Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)

buy Generic Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) onlineGeneric Nolvadex is a breast cancer treatment which contains Tamoxifen as a key active ingredient. The component blocks receptors sensitive to estrogen. It is administered to patients with breast cancer which has already spread to other body parts, in patients with high risk of developing breast cancer as well as supplementary treatment in hormonal imbalance related diseases as in female so in male patients. Nolvadex was also studies for other diseases and dysfunctions, however it performs the greatest efficacy in treatment estrogen receptor positive malformations in breast tissues of men and women.

Generic Nolvadex is a hormone level changing drug. All Tamoxifen containing medicines are only prescription drugs. You must never take the drug without prescription from your doctor. However generic Nolvadex is available to order online. You can buy Nolvadex in any offline store or purchase the drug for sale online and save costs. But never start treatment without seeing your doctor and passing necessary tests.

Why you must not take generic Nolvadex without prescription?

The studies and real life cases proved that women getting treatment of breast cancer and taking the drug for prevention of breast cancer were more prone to develop other types of cancer as cancer of ovaries or uterus. Moreover patients treated with Tamoxifen are commonly more prone to develop cardiovascular diseases as heart strokes and clots which are, if uncontrolled, lethal conditions. That is why strict medical supervision is a must for treatment of any condition with Tamoxifen, no matter brand or generic one.

Moreover there are specific conditions which contraindicate generic Nolvadex as any Tamoxifen containing drugs:

  • blood problems, strokes and clots in health profile
  • eye diseases and vision problems
  • embolism of lungs
  • increased cholesterol levels
  • risks of having another cancer (especially of uterus or ovaries)

Who are in the high risk group of developing breast cancer?

Breast cancer gets younger. While previously the condition was diagnosed mostly in postmenopausal women, then now the age limits has fallen as low as to 35 years old.

Women after 35 together with a combination of other factors of high risk of developing breast cancer must be regularly checked by health care provider. The most important high risk factors for developing breast cancer are as follows:

  • the history of breast cancer in family health profile – this means that if your close family members had breast cancer (mother, sister, aunt, daughter) then you are in the high risk group
  • if you constantly locate new formations in your breasts and your doctor administers you to make a biopsy or in case high risk factors were detected from the biopsy material
  • if a patient has never been pregnant or experienced the late first pregnancy (after 30 years old)
  • if the first menstrual bleeding appeared very early (10 years old or younger)

These risks you can diagnose on your own. If one or several of these risk factors are present in your health profile, then you must see a doctor as soon as possible and discuss the necessity to start the preventive treatment for possible breast cancer. The earlier you start, the higher your chances are for complete recovery or avoiding the disease.

How generic Nolvadex works

It is still unknown how Tamoxifen works. Presumably, it blocks estrogen receptors which are “responsible” for growing of cancer tumors. Nolvadex is the best alternative for chemotherapry and radiation. The treatment is well tolerable and does not cause such side effects as more radical methods of cancer treatment. Timely start of Tamoxifen (for prevention of cancer or treatment of tumors at early stage) results in complete recovery with no serious harm for health of a patient. For example, after aggressive chemo therapy most women turn unable to have babies due to complete dysfunction of ovaries.

Generic Nolvadex is a potent drug which allows to escape radical surgery (mastectomy). Such an approach to treatment of breast cancer preserves breasts tissues and allows to avoid breast augmentation.

How to take generic Nolvadex correctly?

Before you order your first box of Tamoxifen, please, get sure that you have completed the examination and passed all the lab tests. Without passing you must not take the drug as Nolvadex changes the way the body tissues respond to estrogen levels. Such changes can lead to irreversible processes in the body. Estrogen is an essential hormone regulating not only female health but the function of most tissues and body parts. With generic Nolvadex your body turns to not to response to the estrogens produced in your body.

After passing all necessary tests (mammography, biopsy (if needed), blood tests for hormone levels, urine tests for overall health conditions) your doctor will prescribe you generic Nolvadex considering your age, health profile, specific conditions.

What symptoms are distinctive of breast diseases?

You must immediately see a doctor if you notice one or several of these conditions:

  • pain in breast tissues which passes and comes back again
  • pain during palpation
  • change of color of skin or nipples
  • sudden enlargement of nipples
  • new formation seen on the surface of breast skin or palpated
  • abnormal discharge from nipples
  • rapid rise of body temperature
  • changes in mood and overall health condition worsening which you can not explain with any other condition or change in your lifestyle

After passing all necessary tests and examinations you will get prescription from your doctor indicating an exact dosage of Tamoxiden for your case, frequency of intake as well as duration of treatment. The average scheme of treatment suggests taking 1 pill of generic Nolvadex for 5 years (for breast cancer prevention). For treatment of breast cancer your doctor will prescribe you an individual scheme of intake as such a case must consider many other factors as size of tumor, spread of cancer, related conditions.

After getting individual recommendations for Tamoxifen, you can purchase generic Nolvadex which is the same as brand drug. It is the same effective and safe. Generic Nolvadex comes in the same form of pills, in the same dosages as well as features the same administration, route and performance. If you order generic Nolvadex online, you will save costs and will get the drug as soon as possible. Mind, that you must never skip a dosage, thus you need to always have a drug in advance.